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qLinux overlay

The qLinux overlay is intended to overlay ebuilds of the (default) Gentoo portage tree.



The qrtools overlay introduces some new categories:

qrt-apps ebuilds which are not in the gentoo portage repository
qrt-base tools und utilities of the qrtools project
qrt-virt wrapper ebuilds which replace a program by a (usual better) one, they do nothing install by itself (like virtuals)         

These are overlayed packages:


There are different techniques:

Mask packages at repository level

Here we have an ebuild in the same category and with the same name in ::qrtools like in ::gentoo. The ::gentoo ebuild will be mask in  package.mask/qrtools :


The typical use case is to eliminate ::gentoo packages which are a dependency for others.

Patching of ebuilds

Here a ebuild of ::gentoo will be patched. Thus some functionality of the ebuild will be changed. An example is sys-apps/baselayout-2.4.1-r2 where the faulty check of the symlink  /usr/local/lib  will be removed. Anyway, as this is a risky change it will be not used if other possibilities exists.

Patching an ebuild is configurable through  /etc/portage/qrtools.conf/postsync.conf :


The leading P defines that this ebuild will be patched. (see internals FIXME for details)

Remove/delete ebuilds

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