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Files and folders

During installation the most packages make changes to the system which are more or less hidden for the eyes of the user or sysadmin. qrtools wants to be transparent, so here is the complete description what happens.

All configuration of the qrtools overlay is located in  /etc/portage/  and sub-directories. The main sub-directory is  /etc/portage/qrtools.conf . Some files will be in other sub-folders, then easy identifiable through the string qrtools. Here an overview:

  •  package.mask/qrtools 
  • in  /etc/portage/qrtools.conf 
    •  excludes.conf 
    •  postsync.conf 
    •  qrtconf.conf 
    •  clean-up.conf 
  •  repos.conf/qrtools.conf 
  •  repos.postsync.d/qrtools 

By default all these folders are under control of CONFIG_PROTECT. It is highly recommended to not change it.

The qrtools utilities will be installed into  /usr/local/{bin,sbin}  by default. During the installation the file  /etc/profile.d/qrtools.sh  will be created to extend the $PATH and $MANPATH variables - if necessary. If the file exists, it will be left alone. Similar the folders  /usr/local/{bin,sbin,man}  will be handled.

Last modified: 2019/09/27 11:55

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